The 5 Demonstrations of Our Dogs’ Unconditional Love

How Dogs Love and How We Should Love Our Family and Our Better Half

They always say that our dogs give us “unconditional love”.

What does that really mean anyway?

For most of you, readers who have a dog, I’m sure you have experienced a dog’s unconditional love first hand. But let’s pinpoint each part and example of how our dogs show us their unconditional love.

Image by Kaiser the Beagle

What is unconditional love? How do dogs show us this unconditional love?

Here are just 5 of them:

1. Dogs are never jealous.

Dogs don’t care if you have a new boyfriend/girlfriend. They won’t give a damn if you have a new crush or if that guy/gal across the street smiled at you. They are never jealous. Instead, when they feel your happiness, they just feel happy, too. When your heart starts to beat faster, they get excited, too.

Image By vrot01

2. Dogs will never, ever demand for your time.

Just like all animals, taking after Mother Nature, they possess an exemplary amount of patience. They will not get angry and demand for your time. Instead, they will sit next to you while you are doing whatever you have to do, or look at you with cute, irresistible eyes, which probably means support coming from them or a simple “You can do it, boss!” message.

Image by lastokov

3. Dogs will never meddle with your own business.

Of course, they will never do that, because they can’t understand our daily lives’ mundane issues. They will never tell you what you should do with your life. They will never make a decision for you that you are totally against of. They will never force you to do something you don’t want to do. Instead, they will be with you and show you their support through their cute eyes and kisses.

Image by dangeri

4. Dogs will always give you space.

Just like us, dogs need space, too. They understand the concept of self-preservation very well. On the contrary, numerous owners don’t know about this. We, humans usually unknowingly cross the line that is exactly why we get bitten by a barking dog – we don’t understand that barking and showing of teeth means “back off”.

Then again, our dogs will always give us space. One simple message is easy for them to understand. You will just see them lie down farther from you, look at you once in a while to see if you’re okay, and wait for you to come around.

Image by oceanoaloha

5. Dogs don’t keep grudges.

Like Cesar Millan says, “Dogs live in the now”. Dogs won’t keep a grudge if you hit them because they peed on the floor or because you forgot to feed them or forgot. It does not matter if, in the past, you got mad accidentally broke their leg permanently for throwing them in the air and failing to catch them. They won’t keep that anger in their heart for longer than a second. Whatever you did in the past does not matter. Regardless if you did not say sorry before, regardless if you did not regret it, when you approach them again they will continue to give you’re their unconditional love. Yes, they will be a little fearful at first but once you show them that you mean no harm, they will let you pet them again.

Our families may be just like dogs in this aspect, in a way, as they will always forgive us. However, dogs will not only always forgive us. They will also forget it ever happened and never mention it again (because they can’t really mention it).

Image by kiyo.

Like the title sub-title says, this is the ideal treatment we ought to give (and hopefully, receive) to our family members, our better halves and the important people in our lives – unconditional love.

If we do so, there is no assurance that they will love you more in return. There is no assurance that they will appreciate you more. There is not even an assurance that they will notice it. Nevertheless, if you know what you are doing, if you, just like your dogs, wholeheartedly love those people in your lives, you will be able to have an unmeasurable amount of happiness and fulfillment, just like our dogs do.


10 Good Restaurants that Offer Food Delivery in Metro Manila

For my first frequently Googled question that remains unanswered:

What are the good restaurants that offer food delivery service in  Metro Manila?

My coworkers and I usually order food on pay day. We usually eat dinner together in the office so we like to order food from the same restaurant. We don’t like order food from fast food chains as we can easily buy from fast food restaurants anytime.

Every pay day, our question to ourselves is “What should we order?”

Our options have become redundant. We often end up ordering from Shakey’s, Amber’s, and sometimes, even Chowking (because that’s the only fast food resto that’s not in our vicinity.

Last pay day, one of my coworkers and I came up with a list of 10 (not ranked). Sadly, we lost that list after one use. So now, I’m blogging about this for our future reference, and for others who also have a hard time deciding what to eat.

1. Amber’s

Yes, it’s on the list. We love Amber’s cheese pichi pichi. All my colleagues discovered how delicious and cheesy their spaghetti is when I bought one large winnow for them on my birthday. It’s really cheesy.

So now we have more options to buy from Amber’s aside from their yummy barbecue and pichi pichi. You’ll prolly be full with about 150 php budget.

The difficult thing about ordering from Amber’s is that their estimated delivery time is about 2 hours. And most of their dishes require a certain minimum number of orders. 😦

I’m not sure about the minimum amount required for delivery, but it must be about 500 php.

Delivery Hotline: (02) 844-8888, (02) 533-1111, (02) 862-0000, (02) 372-2222

2. Shakey’s 

Thanks to Shakey’s wholesome combo meals, it’s easy to take my colleagues orders.

The most famous one is their Bunch of Lunch, which costs about 150 php. It includes quite a small portion of spaghetti, 1 slice of garlic bread, a slice of Hawaiian pizza, a piece of chicken, 2 pcs of Mojos, and some gravy (Yes, I’ve already memorized it! I didn’t Google their menu!)

Their thin crust pizza are also delicious but order one regular pizza is too much for one lady, so we often pair up and share an order of pizza.

Their minimum amount required per order is 300 php.

Plus factor: Online Order Form Available.
Delivery Hotline: 77-777

3. Army Navy

Their burgers and burritos are great. Their Freedom fries are good. Quite pricey, in my opinion. What I love the most from Army Navy is their Cheese Quesadillas! I love cheese!

Like I said, their food is pricey. For one burger-fries meal, you’d have to spend about 300-400 php. So their minimum amount required per food delivery must be about 500 php as well.

Delivery Hotline: (02) 519-9999


4. Chef d’ Angelo

This one came up in our list as we try to go for 10 choices. We haven’t really tried their delivery service, but I love their pasta and pizza. A budget of 200-300 php is prolly good for 1 or 2 persons.

According to their site, their minimum amount required is 500 php. That should be easy to reach on a pay day.

Delivery Hotline: (02) 645-9055

5. Andok’s Litson 


24477Most Andok’s Litson branches don’t offer food delivery service, but I recently discovered that there is an Andok’s Litson offering food delivery service in our vicinity. We should try this soon.

They have delicious, juicy chicken. For about 200-300 php, you can share one whole chicken with your office buddies.

It’s not a very good idea to buy their rice, I think. So we’ll probably buy rice from 7-11, or whichever is cheaper.

Delivery Hotline: 87878

6. North Park

I’ve loved North Park since I tried their Fookien Rice with Mushroom Sauce and their nice and cripsy Fresh Lapu Lapu Fillet.

Their noodles are also great and are most ideal for single serving orders. For about 200 php, you can have a very satisfactory meal.

Their minimum amount per order is 200 php.

Plus factor: Online Order Form Available.
Delivery Hotline: 73737

7. Teriyaki Boy

Obviously, their Chicken Teriyaki is their specialty. The sauce is great. They also have other Japanese food like Tonkatsu, sushi, sashimi, etc. A single person’s meal cost about 250-300php.

I’m not sure about their minimum order or delivery charge though.

Delivery Hotline: (02) 637-0624, (02) 637-0623

8. Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant’s signature dish is their fried chicken. They also have combo meals ranging from 150-250 php. But if you want to eat together with your coworkers or with your family fiesta style, you’d better order one whole chicken. 😀

Their required minimum amount of order is 500 php.

Plus factor: Online Order Form Available.
Delivery Hotline: 7-9000



9. Yellow Cab

Pizzzzzza… The cheese the overflows on the doe. And the oil that’s not good for our healthy but makes the pizza look sooo good. Mmm.

For a group of about 4 people, it’s great to order a 14-inch pizza. Giving each person 2 slices each. Costing each person about 150-180 php.

Their minimum order amount is 300, so if you are alone or in a couple, a 10-inch pizza is good enough to reach the minimum amount.

They have a 10% delivery charge.

Plus factor: Online Order Form Available.
Delivery Hotline: 789-9999


10. Buddy’s

Famous for their Pancit Lucban. Their Tapsilog and barbecue is very good, too. For about 100 php you can eat a good meal. And for a bout 150 php, you can order a winnow of Pancit good for 2-3 people.

Their minimum required order is 300 php.

Delivery Hotline: (02) 637-3296, (02) 637-3297

To remove bias, my friends and I usually draw lots or take a poll on what restaurant we’ll order from on pay day. We’ll be sure to refer back to this list again. 🙂